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Hello 👋

I’m Mr. Investing Hero, or Mr. IH for short, and I run this little blog. Nice to e-meet you.

The goal of Investing Hero is to make investing in Switzerland easy to understand. I create articles and resources which provide practical and clear advice on growing and managing your money.

Maybe you are looking to grow a nest egg for your kids, knock a few years off the state retirement rate, or simply learn more about how to make the stock market work for you. I’ll try to answer your questions and support you through the learning process with straight forward ‘no nonsense’ advice.

If you want to get started with this website, I recommend going here first to see my top picks.

If you’d like to learn more about me, keep reading.

#1: Who’s behind Investing Hero?

I’m anonymous on the blog, but you can call me ‘Mr IH’ for short.🙈

I’m a British expat who’s been living in Switzerland for the last 10 years. I’m a digital marketing professional by day, and a finance and investing blogger by night. Maybe one day I’ll be public on this blog.

I invest regularly in things like ETFs and various other things, which I buy individually through a broker and automatically through a robo-advisor.

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I use the Jordan Belfort avatar from the Wolf of Wall Street because it’s fun, and I like the film. The shades are cool too.

#2: Why did I create this blog?

Arriving in CH as an expat, it was difficult to find accurate information to learn about various investing platforms and options for Swiss residents – especially in English.

Because of this confusion – I naively passed all this responsibility over to a financial advisor.

In my case (I’m not implying all financial advisers are bad) I found the advisers interests had been put first ahead of mine. In favour of a larger sales commission for them, they had bundled expensive ‘must have’ death and disability life insurance into my pillar 3a pension.

Turns out after a lot of digging, 20% of my annual pension contributions went toward this death and disability insurance, which amounted to over 850 CHF per year bound into a 35 year contract. Not good. It still sickens me today this is legal, and that I never questioned the paperwork.

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After I cancelled the contract and healed my wounds, I thought of how best to proceed.

Rant on Twitter? Throw eggs at their building?


Taking ownership of my finances was step one.

Creating this website to stop just one of you making the same mistake, was step 2.

#3: My content guidelines

I take pride in developing well researched, quality content which is unique, engaging and a result of real world personal experiences.

I welcome feedback in an effort to improve, if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to email me at: hello@investinghero.ch.

My reviews are independent and based on my personal experience and research when testing. If you visit certain links within my content, I may receive commissions from certain providers, but not all, which are indicated in the article itself to help pay for running this blog.

That said, it’s always readers before commissions. I will not review junk or unregulated platforms in return for a commission. Not my thing.

After I post a review I’ll respond to comments and feedback and ensure the data remains accurate and up to date to the best of my ability.

#4: I’m not a financial advisor

Nor do I claim to be.

Just because I’m an investor, mess around trading stocks on eToro and can manage a budget doesn’t mean you can outsource your financial responsibility onto me. I’m not professionally qualified or have any formal education in this field.

Investing Hero does not provide customised investment services for individuals. A certified and qualified professional should be consulted before making any financial decisions, try someone like Selma Finance instead.

Please refer to the disclaimer for more information.

#5: Have another question?

Drop me an email at hello@investinghero.ch.

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Thanks for reading,

Tschüss zäme!
Mr. IH