Picking stocks? You might be interested in following the new FlowBank Championship…

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Many of us complement our long-term investing activity with a sprinkling of day trading individual stocks. As we’ve covered in the past, having a small percentage of your portfolio allocated to such activities is a known strategy to diversify your portfolio and get exposure to new trends and companies you are interested in.

Be it Tesla, Amazon or the next hot tech start-up, you can purchase these individual stocks through a Swiss broker to take advantage of potential future gains.

By limiting your exposure (e.g., under 5-10% of your portfolio) to individual stock picks, you are also limiting your risk if you get things wrong and the stock value declines.

As said, it isn’t recommended to hold 100% of your investment portfolio in individually picked stocks. The data suggests it’s very difficult to pick individual winners over the long term, so generally you are better off investing in index funds, but a smaller percentage of CHF toward your favourite companies and stock picks can certainly be allocated here.

Ok… But where does FlowBank come into this?

Good question.

With so many online brokers out there, and plenty of Swiss options, let me example what FlowBank is doing.

Interestingly FlowBank has just launched a new ‘Championship’.

In the words of FlowBank:

‘A month-long online trading tournament between famous athletes.’

… In their press release, they also state:

‘Through this initiative, FlowBank wants to show that financial markets can and should be accessible to everyone.’

… So that’s folks with no/limited trading experience? Sounds interesting..

The FlowBank Championship has a mix of 9 top athletes (8 are already announced) and includes the likes of Pierre Gasly, Alex Zverev, Kevin Mbabu and others across different sports.

You can see the full list of contenders in the image below:

One ‘mystery’ star (any guesses?) is also included, who they are keeping hidden for now.

The trading championship will run from May 10 to June 10, during which time the 9 athletes will be competing against each other and trying to turn a profit on their FlowBank accounts.

Updates will be posted regularly on the FlowBank Instagram account and on FlowBank’s website, and the ranking table will show who is leading the competition and making the most profit.

I quite like the concept – as typically other trading competitions in this space have a bunch of existing active professional traders taking part, focusing less on the newcomers. Can ‘non-traders’ turn a profit? Time will tell.

How will they trade?

It’ll be interesting to see what these new athlete traders will be buying and selling – be it stocks, CFDs, precious metals, forex, crypto? FlowBank offers access to all these – and they each have their pros and cons.

Considering the timeline of just 30 days for the competition, there could be a range of strategies the players use.

Do they go for something risky like crypto (which can have double-digit price increases in a single day!) to maximise the returns in 30 days? Or do they play it safe with individual ‘blue chip’ type stocks for a more stable return and to limit their losses?

Maybe a mix of the above ideas – some risky and more stable assets is the way to go. Like a well-balanced diversified portfolio should be.

Learning from mistakes

These 9 are completely new to trading. They’ll all be using the FlowBank platform to do the trading – so a great marketing play for FlowBank – and interestingly they’ll have access to educational content and guidance to set up and run their chosen trading strategies.

It’s this access to educational content which will be interesting to see (hopefully some of that will be shared publicly) as FlowBank positions itself to be open and accessible for beginners:

‘FlowBank is pursuing its mission to make finance accessible to everyone, by offering intuitive technology, educational content, and daily financial market news.’

FlowBank already has a pretty good educational section on their website, with blog guides and in person events in Zurich and Geneva – so if you haven’t already those are worth checking out.

Closing thoughts

Hopefully this article has helped you understand a little more about the FlowBank Championship which is kicking off this month, and how the learnings from this concept could be applied to your day trading activities.

As mentioned you can follow the updates on their social media accounts as well as on FlowBank’s website, and be sure to look out for the educational content and updates to learn more.

It’ll be an interesting 30 days – stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks for reading!

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