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Welcome to Investing Hero, the best resource to build and grow your wealth in Switzerland.

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Firstly, I’m Mr. Investing Hero, or Mr. IH for short, and I run this little blog. Nice to e-meet you.

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#1: Read my top guides (free)

If you are anything like my other readers, you’ll be wondering where on earth to even start. I was in the same situation 10yrs ago.

I’ve invested hundreds of hours into writing these guides, and I highly recommend you take your time to work through my top 3:

  1. Understand where you are on the map
    A mini guide on how to create a simple yet effective budget to kick start your investing journey. Fyi – It’s easier than you think.
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  2. How to Make an Extra 250K in the Next 10 years
    This guide looks at 7 core areas in your life you can start to optimize right now to generate an extra 250K. Thank me later. Preferably with beer.
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  3. The Beginners Guide to Investing in Switzerland
    Once you have your budget squared away, check out my 5000 word monster guide with all the details you need know to get motoring.
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  4. A Mini Guide to the Swiss Tax System
    Understanding how you’ll be paying tax in Switzerland is important not only for your personal knowledge, but also financial planning and future optimisation to save CHF.
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#2: Check out my top rated stuff

If you’ve browsed through the site already, you’ll notice I have a habit of going deep with my reviews. Which might be too much to digest if you are just getting your feet wet.

So here are my top picks from all the tests, reviews and ratings I’ve made.

Investing Platforms

  1. Selma Finance
    These guys scored a huge 4.7 out of 5 (highest ever for a roboadvisor) in my review earlier this year. Check out their free investment plan (no strings attached) and if you like them, take advantage of the my Investing Hero reader deal.

    If you are looking to get more ‘hands on’ with your investing, DEGIRO are a great DIY option that’s still very user friendly. I rated them very highly in my latest review.


  1. Zak
    I’m a big fan of Zak. A fully digital and free banking app, with the backbone and regulation of a ‘proper’ Swiss bank. If you haven’t downloaded their app yet, check out my review to see what you can expect, and here are 3 reasons why I’m still using it. You can also use the code HEROCH to get a free 50CHF bonus!

  2. Neon
    Neon is another digital bank offering that is growing rapidly and going head to head with the likes of Revolut. The user experience is simply awesome, and I’ve rated them very highly in my latest review. Definitely worth checking out.

Credit Cards

  1. CashBack Cards
    It’s rare to find a decent free Swiss credit card, let alone one that gives you rewards (review here) for using it. Which is why the new Cashback Cards stand out – you’ll get 1% cash back on all purchases! Check them out. You can also use the promo code FC50X3DFS to get 50 CHF credit.


  1. VIAC
    These guys are the market leaders, and a great home for your pillar 3A pension to grow over the years. Everything just works. If you are looking for a pillar 3A with a cantonal bank, it’s also worth checking out Frankly from ZKB, who are a close second choice.

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