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A Proven Framework for Building Your Wealth in Switzerland

In 2021, I’ve helped over 35,000 readers learn
the basics of investing. Now it’s your turn.

And in 2022, I’ll be opening up access to the new Investing Hero Personal Finance Course.

The course covers everything you need to know to get your finances sorted in Switzerland, from optimising your expenses to setting out a plan to become financially free in Switzerland. Taken at your pace and within your budget. Get on the waiting list and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Enrolment for the new course will open soon.

Jump on the waiting list to get notified when it goes live:

Finally, a Swiss Personal Finance Course to Show You Exactly How to Build Wealth, Step-by-Step.

Even if… you’ve just arrived in Switzerland and don’t speak German

Even if… you have no knowledge of finance & don’t like budgets

Even if… you think you’ll lose everything in the next stock market crash

Meet Your Instructor: Mr Investing Hero

Hi, I’m Mr. IH. I run this little blog. Nice to e-meet you.

You’ve likely come across some of my articles or reviews, which have been read over 35,000 times in 2021 alone.

Arriving in Switzerland 10 years ago as a British expat was exciting, but also confusing when it came sorting my finances. Let alone thinking about investing and becoming financially independent!

But as you’ll see in a minute, a lot has changed in the last 10 years…

My First Intro to Swiss Personal Finance Was a Complete Disaster

Like most people, I had to first get integrated – register with the authorities, open bank accounts and submit tax forms.

You know the stuff I’m talking about 🙄

So I jumped onto Google, and browsed the English speaking forums with every question I had:

    • What can I declare on my tax return?
    • What is a pillar 3A and do I need one?
    • How can I start investing in Switzerland?

The list of questions went on and on.. But the answers didn’t really follow.

And then – *you’ve got mail* – a ‘financial advisor’ replied to one of my forum questions.

Answers, at last!


He was keen to take the discussion offline, and quickly came round to sit with me in person. All free of charge 🤔

He laid out the importance of starting a private pension immediately and making sure it was insured for extra security.

I had no idea at the time, but naively following this advice and signing the pension contract was a huge mistake.

Turns out after a lot of digging (with no help from the financial advisor) 20% of my annual pension contributions went toward this ‘death and disability’ insurance, which amounted to over 850 CHF per year bound into a 35 year contract. Not good.

I was also indirectly generating the financial advisor huge commissions (which is why the face-to-face meetings were free) and clearly my interests hadn’t been put first.

Maybe you can relate to the story above. Ripping up that contract was the turning point in taking ownership of my finances.

Here’s What Happened Next:

After parting ways with the financial advisor, I took it on myself to learn all the details around personal finance, investing and retirement options in Switzerland.

I read and researched this stuff for years, slowly testing new things, investing money and growing my knowledge and contacts on the topic of personal finance.

From optimizing tax, to buying a house, creating an investment portfolio and funding a pension – step-by-step I worked through what needed to be done.

With my finances finally in order, my savings rates increased year after year, and my investing portfolio started to grow. I say this not to brag –  but things started to work. Fast forward to today, and I’m on track to become financially independent in my forties, in Switzerland.

And yet 10years later, for newcomers in Switzerland this information is limited to those ‘in the know’ to pick through blogs and can translate German.

That’s When I Thought:
“My Knowledge Can Help Other’s Too”

And this little ‘Investing Hero’ blog was born.

The goal of the blog was to review trusted investment platforms and pension providers in Switzerland, so you avoid making the same mistakes I’ve made in the past.

It’s rewarding to know I’m helping others make better decisions, and save thousands of CHF in the process.

However, it’s easy be overwhelmed with a bunch of blog posts talking about pensions, when you haven’t covered the basics, and lack a clear financial plan with achievable next steps to put you in control of your future.

Which is what I’m planning to solve next.

The Investing Hero Personal Finance Course

By partnering up with industry experts, I’ll be launching a practical ‘hands on’ personal finance course for people living in Switzerland 🤠

Whatever your circumstances and background, the course will use a step-by-step formula to create a realistic financial plan (e.g. use this bank account, invest here and not there, watch out for this etc etc) to put you in control, and set you on the path to becoming financially independent in Switzerland.

The best thing? The course isn’t generic, and is designed specifically for people like you, living in Switzerland.

Here’s a taster of what you’ll get:

In-Depth Personal Finance Training

No fluff. No nonsense. Just 100% actionable material to help you get started in Switzerland.

Always Up-To-Date

You never have to worry about outdated content. My material is always up-to-date and maintained.

All About Results

Designed to outline a step-by-step process to get you on the path to financial freedom.

Works for all

You don't need any financial knowledge to benefit from the course, newcomers welcome!

Here’s a Sneak Preview of What You’ll Learn…

Realistic steps to get your finances in order

  • How to create a simple, yet highly effective, financial plan (and how to manage your money).
  • Why you can't depend on a bank savings account… and what options are 10x better.
  • What your 'risk profile' means (and why it's important).

Optimizing Your Swiss Living Expenses

  • Why “budgets” fail. And the REAL way to setup a budget and still have a life.
  • An exact step-by-step process to optimize taxes and save hundreds of CHF every year.
  • 25+ real life expenses you can reduce in Switzerland to save thousands, right now.

Setting Yourself Up For Future Success

  • Maximise your wealth for tomorrow (step-by-step plan).
  • The #1 rule to follow to be financially 'stress free' in the future.
  • How this exact process put me on the path to become financially independent (in my forties).

Next Level Personal Finance Training

💼 Lifetime Updates

Never miss out on new updates and upgraded versions of the course, no extra charge.


🔓 Lifetime Access

You get access to the course for life, login anytime.

👨‍🎓 Proven Training

A proven system that works regardless of your financial knowledge or stage in life.

⏰ At Your Own Pace

No need to rush through it. You can take the course on your own schedule.

🧭 Step-by-Step Plan

Get clarity and perspective on where you are on the map, and where you are heading.

🎁 Bonus Material

Learn how to master your budget, listen to our network of experts and download supporting materials and more.

Enrolment for the new course will open soon.

Jump on the waiting list to get notified when it goes live:

Answers to Your Questions

Some common FAQ

This course is aimed at people living in Switzerland. Regardless of where you are in your financial journey, from complete newcomer to someone looking to sharpen their knowledge, my course will have something for you.

Personally I’ve worked in Switzerland as a freelancer, created a company, worked for large corporations, got married, had kids and made lots of money mistakes along the way here. So I’m sure I’ll have something for you too.

It depends! Approximately 3-4 hours to work through all the module content in the course. Longer term, implementing all the actions and takeaways from the course really depends on your own pace. I’m designing the course to be lean and ‘fluff free’ so even if you have a busy day job it’ll fit into your schedule. And remember, you’ll have free lifetime access to the course material.

My course is made up of 3 core modules, each comprising of detailed documents, video and supporting material to download. In addition to all this, each module includes a detailed worksheet making it extremely easy for you to action the needed next steps.

In short, no. All the content is available on-demand and accessible at your own pace. I’ll likely be setting up some live webinars in the future, but these are in addition to the existing course.

To be confirmed. English personal finance courses in Switzerland are few and far between, costing anything between 250 CHF up to 2000 (!) CHF. So expect something in the lower end of that band.

No worries – you’ll be protected by a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the course, I’ll refund you. No questions asked.

You’ll be notified as soon as the course becomes available early next year. Enter your email and I’ll ping you when it’s ready.

Enrolment for my new course will open soon.

Jump on the waiting list to get notified when it goes live:

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