Alpian review

Alpian Review – The new kid on the block for digital private banking

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This Alpian review will include updates and news from the latest entry into the Swiss fintech market.

Established in 2019 by REYL & Cie, Alpian is the next player to step up into the rapidly growing Swiss market of neo-banks and digital wealth management platforms.

On May 6th 2020, Aplian announced the successful funding of 12.2M CHF for their series-A round, with a view to become a FINMA regulated bank by 2021.

Which means one thing… more exciting innovation to come!

Alpian positions their offering between the traditional bank and the private wealth management segment in order to cater for younger, upcoming affluent individuals based in Switzerland.

As free WordPress themes go, this one is pretty slick.

Alpian is looking to become the first pure digital private bank in Switzerland, while bringing a unique and new user experience with a greater focus on leveraging digital technologies, such as A.I powered investment recommendations, to the users financial experience.

Login & Security

Details to be confirmed.

Alpian are progressing plans to become a FINMA regulated bank, so expect industry grade standards and encryption as standard, with servers and accounts held in Switzerland.

Fees & Charges

Details to be confirmed.

Alpian plans to offer investment, banking and financial guidance – so lets see what product and management costs that brings. If I was a betting man, I’d put a wager on a all in fee north of 1.5% for this, with maybe some tiered rates for different deposit levels. Just a guess. Lets see what what happens.

Additional Resources

Currently there is limited material on the website, and outside of the single press release there is little else to read at this stage. No blog posts or investing information yet – watch this space.

For now you can follow them on Twitter for the latest updates, and refer to their FAQ for more details.

Alpian vs… the competitors

Alpian is entering a fast-moving space of emerging neo-banks, swiss roboadvisors and investing platforms in Switzerland, and yet looking to take the title of the first digital private banking platform. It’ll be interesting to see how their offering stacks up, and once we have the details confirmed we’ll be documenting the various features against the competition.

Watch this space for a ‘alpian vs vontobel volt’ in the future.

Background info on Alpian

As we mentioned above, Alpian was founded in 2019 by the private bank REYL & Cie. and is based in Carouge (Route des Jeunes 43, 1227 Carouge to be exact) just outside of Geneva.

Headed up with CEO Schuyler Weiss, Alpian has a lean team of proven banking professionals, which are visible on the team page.

Closing thoughts

Lots more to come here I think in 2021. It’s exciting as a blogger to see these new Swiss fintech solutions come to fruition, so I’ll be updating this post as more information becomes available.

Where next for private Swiss banking? It’s going digital, and it looks like Alpian are going to be in the mix. Exciting stuff.

Watch. this. space.

Mr. IH