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FlowBank Review – How does the newcomer stack up?

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This FlowBank review will include updates and news from the latest entry into the Swiss fintech market.

FlowBank is another upcoming Swiss digital bank based in Geneva. Headed up by Charles-Henri Sabet, the firm has recently secured a banking licence and plans to open up the service to customers later this year.

FlowBank are entering a rapidly competitive and evolving space of growing digital investing platforms and Swiss neo-banks.

Which for us as consumers is a great thing – more innovation, choice and competitors in the market is an exciting thing!

FlowBank present the core values of regulated and licensed Swiss banking, but with a slick digital first experience and ability to invest, trade and use neo-bank style banking services for customers in Switzerland.

There aren’t many pure digital fintechs which are able to offer the full suite of banking, investing and trading all under one roof.

There is a clear market opportunity here for FlowBank do so, and with the the Swiss banking backbone will likely be a compelling offering to Swiss residents looking for the safety and security of having their assets located (and insured) in Switzerland.

Login & Security

Details to be confirmed.

FlowBank are a FINMA regulated bank, so expect industry grade standards and encryption as standard, with servers and accounts held in Switzerland.

Fees & Charges

Details to be confirmed.

FlowBank plans to offer banking, investment and trading services – so lets see what product and management costs that brings later in the year. With the vanilla ETFs we could see some extremely competitive pricing as they leverage the cost savings a pure digital offering can bring.

Additional Resources

Currently there is limited information on the website, but you get the general idea on what is coming. The screenshots of the platform already look pretty perfect to me, so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a live account.

For now you can follow them on Twitter for the latest updates, and refer to their market research blog for updates.

FlowBank vs… the competitors

FlowBank is entering a competitive space with a mix of different competitors – from the traditional big banks, to the more ‘progressive’ banks such as Swissquote, Saxo, and Vontobel. Then the cost efficient trading platforms such as DEGIRO and Interactive Brokers, and not forgetting roboadvisors such as Selma Finance and TrueWealth offering their own investments platforms.

The market is cluttered and customers are fickle. Can FlowBank take them all on with a single offering?

Only time will tell.

Watch this space for more in the future.

Background info on FlowBank

As we mentioned at the start of this article, FlowBank was founded in 2020 and is registered in Geneva (Rue Pierre-Fatio 12, 1204 Genève).

Headed up with CEO Charles-Henri Sabet, they already have an established team of 11 , which are visible on the team page.

Closing thoughts

I’m really keen to see the FlowBank offering come to reality later in the year. First impressions from the screenshots of the platform on the homepage show a really nice looking, UX driven platform, that will be leveraging all the latest ‘new normal’ functionality we are starting to see.

How this offering will all come together under one roof remains to be seen.

More to come later this year.

Mr. IH